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Date: May 20, 2013

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  • In-game voting system
  • Basic training Bots
  • Veil changes
  • Descent change
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  • Added Server Details window to the server browser
  • Added “server name” field to server browser filters
  • Added filter tabs in server browser
  • Added history tap to server browser
  • Added in game voting system (change map, kick player, reset round)
  • Added Quick Switch key (default V) to switch to last chosen weapon


  • Password prompt window will now join a server when pressing enter
  • Added key bindings for “Vote Yes” and “Vote No”
  • Limit pistol fire rate to 10 bullets per second (thanks matso, xDragon)


  • Fixed bug causing multiple order sounds to play in a row (build order for example)
  • Fixed problem with marquee selection not being prevented / canceled when performing another action like dropping medpacks
  • Fixed problem where enemy players could differentiate between normal eggs and gestating aliens
  • Fixed bug causing the last character in chat to not be sent when the chat message is at the maximum length


  • Entity selection wasn’t aware of the layer lock mode
  • Added ability to drag layers in the layer list to reorder them
  • Fixed crash when creating lines along edges of existing face
  • Added a “Commander Invisible” parameter to Cinematics to hide certain cinematics from Commanders
  • Added “CommanderInvisibleVents” group for vents that should be hidden for Commanders but that should display on minimaps


  • The SoundInfo tool now generates soundinfo files for wav files
  • Fixed issue where Lua-style single line comments containing Lua keywords could break the profiler
  • Added Client.GetServerPlayerDetails() function to retrieve information about players on a server after a call to Client.RequestServerDetails()
  • Added Client.GetModDetails() function


  • Reworked exit from Pipeline to The Dome
  • Added new corridor between The Dome and Y-Junction
  • Removed 45 degree corridor from Skylights
  • Added crates in East/West Junction
  • Removed one of the glass panes in West Junction
  • Columns in Cargo are hidden from Commander view
  • Added cover in The Dome
  • Removed the ladder access to The Dome
  • You can now build behind the RTs in Nanogrid
  • Reduced the pipeline power node influence to just the main room, and extended the utility location to cover those areas
  • Extended the geometry behind the pipeline resource node and rotated the node so that skulks and marines can fit behind and around it


  • Fixed a stuck spot in Cave


  • Shifted energy flow to the east, in the place of the piperoom next to silo
  • Moved Energy Flow Resource node to the bottom corner of the room
  • Added new location “fluid transfer” to offset the changes to energy flow(adds a new power node so this area can be used as a staging point)
  • Widened all the vents so skulks can pass each other
  • Modified monorail vent to be less confusing and reduce travel time
  • Added cover to fabrication hive
  • Added cover to Hydroanalysis hive
  • Removed some cover from monorail tech point and pushed the wall by the tech point back
  • Added some boxes in gravity control so skulks cant hide on top of the tunnel as easily
  • Commander invisible vents should now be visible on the minimap
  • Gravity control rings should no longer be visible to the commander