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Date: June 25, 2013


  • Sewlek's Balance Test Mod integrated
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Resource System

  • Changed more Extractor health to Armor to be easier to weld up
  • Minimum Team Resources when no RT active (counts as 0.5 active RTs)
  • Removed “no res while dead” rule
  • Reduced Personal Recource income per RT from 0.125 to 0.1


  • Reduced Harvester cost to 8
  • Drifters can now clear marine ghost structures
  • Removed Med Pack cooldown from Marine Commander UI
  • Marines have now a medpack pickup delay
  • Removed vision obscuring effect of gorge spit
  • Fixed Grenade Launcher not dealing full damage on direct hit
  • Reduced Exosuit armor to 280, down from 400
  • Increased exo armor upgrade to 45, up from 40
  • Changed Puncture player damage scalar to 1.5 (was 1.25)
  • Reduced phase tech and Obervatory cost to 10 t.res (were 15)
  • Disabled gradual melee attacks
  • Added concept of “soft targets” which let bullets and melee attacks go through (affects Drifters, MACs, Hallucinations)
  • Added additional 6 second respawn time when rejoining a team, suiciding or when killed by a death trigger
  • Movement code rewritten

Anti Spam

  • Increase Crag, Shift, Shade cost to 15 (was 10)
  • Increased Crag/Shift/Shade health and effectiveness by 50% (In line with cost increase).
  • MACs and Drifters are no longer able to attack
  • Resource towers and command structures will now block re-creation for 5 seconds after destruction
  • Added Supply limit for specific units (200 max per team)
  • MACs can no longer weld each other
  • Multiple MACs are no longer able to weld the same target
  • Crags no longer stack their healing with each other and can heal a maximum of 3 targets at once
  • Shift energize no longer stacks


Marine Tech Tree

  • Jetpack and single gun Exos are now available at 1 Command Station
  • Mines tech research cost has been decreased to 10 resources (down from 15)
  • Reduced Robotics Factory to 10 resources (was 15)
  • Reduced upgrade to ARC robotics factory costs to 5 (was 10)
  • Nano Shield is now a research at command station
  • Arms Lab no longer requires an armory
  • Welders no longer require a research
  • Added small self weld when welding a structure or a player
  • Grenade Launcher and Flamethrower are now immediately unlocked once an armory is upgraded


  • Reduced exo cost to 40 (60 for dual minigun)
  • Exos can now be nano shielded
  • Exosuits can now use their thruster horizontal (use shift)
  • Reduced exo thruster cool down reduced to 2.5 seconds
  • Increased exo base speed to 6, up from 5
  • Reduced claw damage to 30
  • Miniguns now profit from weapon upgrades
  • Toned down dual minigun damage to 70%
  • Reduced vision obscurring effect from Bile Bomb on exo HUD

Flame Thrower

  • Increased base damage
  • No longer benefits from weapon upgrades
  • Increase flame thrower magazine size to 50
  • Removed flame thrower damage ramp up
  • Reduced flamethrower weight
  • Flamethrower can now burn up bile/Whip bombs and disables enemy structure functions
  • Flamethrower can now burn up drifter clouds

Grenade Launcher

  • Increased base damage
  • No longer benefits from weapon upgrades
  • Reduced grenade launcher cost to 15
  • Increased grenade launcher reserve ammo to 28
  • Whips no longer whack grenades


  • Increased Shotgun rate of fire by 18%
  • Reduced base damage to 170
  • Adjusted shotgun spread


  • Reduced ARC build time from 10 to 7
  • Reduced robotics factory upgrade time from 40 to 20
  • Reduced ARC movement speed by 33%
  • Reduced ARC movement speed by 70% when in combat or on infestation
  • ARCs are now properly affected by shades ink cloud
  • Reduced ARC splash radius to 7, down from 10

Marine General

  • Marines can now build on infestation (25% slower)
  • All marine structures take damage to armor while on infestation
  • Reduced health/armor of Phase Gates to 2500/300 (down from 2700/450)
  • Marines can now always sprint (no more fatigue)
  • Added ability for marine commander to temporary power individual structures
  • Armories no longer heal armor
  • Increased jetpack cost to 15 (was 10)
  • Removed MAC EMP
  • Extractors and command stations can now be Parasited
  • Increased spawn time to 9 seconds (was 7)


Alien Spawn

  • Each alien has individual spawn timer (10 seconds)
  • An Egg is generated every 13 seconds (6.5 seconds for 12 player)
  • Each Hive can have max of 3 eggs (6 for 12 players)
  • Hives have now the hatch ability (2 eggs for 5 t.res)


  • Increased whip bomb splash radius to 6 meters (was 3) and reduced damage by 50% (down to 600)
  • Whips can automatically bombard once they are matured
  • Reduced whip cost to 10 (was 15)
  • Whips will now root and unroot automatically

Alien Tech Tree

  • Personal upgrades scale now cost depending on life form (0 for Skulk, 2 Gorge, 3 Lerk, 5 Fade, 8 Onos)
  • Reduced life form cost to compensate with new upgrade cost (5 gorge, 25 lerk, 40 fade, 60 onos)
  • Add Biomass: every structure grants bio mass which increases the health of life forms
  • Scaleable upgrades (for example build a maximum of 3 Shells to get maximum efficiency for Carapace, Regeneration), 20 res per structure
  • Celerity works now in combat and increases max speed by 1.5 m/s
  • Regeneration works now in combat
  • Adrenaline increases max energy and regeneration rate by 10% per level
  • Added new shade upgrade which shows enemies and their health (Aura)
  • Merged Silence and Camouflage (Phantom)


  • Swipe damage down by 16%
  • Fades are a bit easier to see during blink
  • Blink is now always researched
  • Shadow Step does not add any momentum anymore and can be researched with biomass level 5
  • Increased range / accuracy of fade Vortex ability
  • Disabled fade double jump


  • Spores are now tier 3 and bigger / cheaper to use.
  • Umbra is now available at bio mass 3 (was 3 hives before) and damage reduction has been reduced
  • Fixed weapon switch delays (umbra to bite and spores to bite)


  • Changed Stomp to affect marines in a radius rather than being a shockwave
  • Onos movement won’t be blocked by skulks, gorges and lerks anymore
  • Reduced Gore range
  • Reduced gore damage to 100


  • Hydras are now flammable
  • Increased gorge build rate


  • Skulk moves now faster on walls
  • Xenocide cant be cancelled anymore
  • When dying by xenocide, skulk respawn time is reduce by 6 seconds


  • Cysts will block recreation in the area when destroyed for 4 seconds
  • Cysts will autobuild once their parent is contructed
  • Increased cyst build time to 4 seconds, removed cool down
  • Increased cyst range and infestation radius
  • Infestation receding is now twice as fast than growing
  • Gorge Tunnel Entrances create now infestation when the other side is infested


  • Drifters can now be created during the hive is researching
  • Reduced drifter cloud costs to 1 (was 2)
  • Drifters unlock triggered abilities (shade hive: hallucinate, shift hive: storm cloud/movement speed, crag hive: mucous membrane/heals armor)
  • Moved hallucinations from shade to drifters: every alien in effect range generates a hallucination, controllable by the alien commander

Alien General

  • Crag, shift and shade can now always be build and can move
  • Chamber triggered abilities require now the correct hive type
  • Allow aliens to change upgrades (min gestation time 5 seconds)
  • Alien structures auto build rate is reduced by 70%, drifters speed up build time to normal rate
  • Cloaked players are always slightly visible
  • Regeneration works now in combat (5% of max health every 2 seconds)
  • Rupture can now be cast directly on infestation, like Bone Wall
  • Added Echo harvester to shift
  • Added echo gorge tunnel to shift (only on infestation)
  • Enemies are outlined with parasite only (damage will no longer trigger it)
  • The normal gestation time is applied when using a pre-evolved egg instead of just 2 seconds
  • Shift echo ability no longer requires maturity
  • Adjusted shade ink ability duration and cool down to allow arcs to fire once between successive use of ink clouds


  • Fixed bug allowing the scoreboard button to be used while text chatting
  • Fixed bug causing Babblers to sometimes freeze mid-jump while they are trying to cling to an Alien that has no more free cling points
  • The Onos player can now move their camera up and down while charging
  • Fixed medpacks being picked up by dead marines
  • Fixed bug causing player ghost models (Clog, Mine, etc) to freeze in place when placed in certain invalid areas


  • Fixed Lua io lib readline functions sometimes crashing if the line was too long
  • Changed Shared.GetSystemTime() back to unix time
  • Added Client.SetMouseSensitivityScalarX() and Client.SetMouseSensitivityScalarY() functions to adjust mouse sensitivity independently on the 2 axes
  • The modding framework is automatically included again (this is so the Modding entry system is auto-loaded)