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Date: September 20, 2013

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  • Bugfixes
  • Improvements
  • Optimizations
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  • Reduced input latency with all renderers
  • Hooked up missing hatch effects for the Hive
  • Improved Commander marquee selection logic
  • Drifters now inherit selection state from the Egg they hatched from
  • Cleaned up Alien tech map UI
  • Added a background color for the tech map UI for better visibility
  • Added additional error messages for cases when D3D9 fails to initialize
  • Added the Steam Runtime and instructions on how to run the dedicated server on Linux to the dedicated server installation


  • Reduced the overhead of setting up shader constants in D3D9
  • Old Umbra Clouds will get cleaned up when a new one is created nearby
  • Fixed 80ms hitch on the server when a player connects due to compressing file names for consistency checking
  • Improved the speed of compiling COLLADA models
  • Reduced memory usage for storing model indices (saves about 16 MB on ns2_summit)
  • Removed skinning information from Models is memory that don’t use it (saves 4 MB on ns2_summit)
  • Fixed choppy performance in D3D11 fullscreen mode

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  • Fixed bug where vsync would be enabled in OpenGL on startup regardless of the value set in the options
  • Fixed bug preventing request voice overs from working in some cases
  • Fixed Whip Bombard triggering a Bile Bomb sound which wasn’t get cleaned up properly
  • Fixed wrong effect for Spores showing up for Aliens
  • Fixed bug where leaving an Exosuit and re-entering it could sometimes disable Armor upgrades for that player
  • Fixed bug where suicides counted as a kill in the score board
  • Fixed Railgun cooldown display being imprecise
  • Fixed Shade Ink ability not triggering any sound effect
  • Fixed Whips resetting their position when Echoed while having an active move order
  • Fixed structures being able to “move under ground” while being Echoed
  • Fixed some pathing issues with Crags, Shades, and Shifts
  • Fixed entities being able to create multiple obstacles on the pathing mesh
  • Fixed alien structures not pushing each other away after teleported with Echo
  • Fixed ARC impact effect sometimes not being visible to the Alien Commander
  • Fixed most explosive weapons / abilities ignoring friendly units with friendly fire enabled
  • Skulks no longer lose Leap while being alive
  • Fixed alive Fades losing Shadow Step when last Shade is killed
  • Fixed alive Onos losing Charge when last Crag is killed
  • Fixed Skulks being able to unlock leap without having the required upgrade
  • Fixed inconsistency with burning Whips and Hydras sometimes being able to attack
  • Whips display now correctly the stop command while moving
  • Fixed land sound effect being suppressed while Sneaking when moving at higher speeds
  • Fixed weapon pickup priority not working properly
  • Fixed Biomass progression for the next level in the Alien tech map UI
  • Fixed tech map UI sometimes showing the wrong tech tree to the player
  • Fixed Commander automatically attacking own Hive / Command Station when logging out
  • Fixed Crags being able to heal when they are already dead
  • Fixed bug causing newly spawned MACs to be visible on the minimap for Alien team players
  • Fixed script error caused by an Exo stomping an Egg that the Alien Commander was researching into a lifeform egg
  • Fixed bug causing “Danger music” to sometimes keep playing when it should have stopped
  • Fixed main menu Twitter feed
  • Fixed issue where D3D9 would not properly limit the number of frames in flight on the GPU to reduce input latency
  • Fixed bug causing the Steam overlay to pop up while connecting to a server in some cases by accidentally clicking the store buttons on the main menu before joining
  • Fixed old versions of mods not being properly removed on Linux
  • Fixed bug where config files could not be written from Lua on Linux
  • Fixed mouse buttons 4, 5 and 6 not being recognized on Linux
  • Fixed bug where the game would not choose a valid resolution on start-up if the default resolution wasn’t supported by the device
  • Changed the game to always use the en_US locale to eliminate issues with string generation in Lua
  • Female voice overs now work correctly while in an Exosuit
  • Fixed issue where props from one map wouldn’t be removed from memory when going to a new map


  • Level autosaving speed improved


  • Lighting optimisations in many areas, approximately 300 lights removed.
  • Various other performance optimisations.
  • Added Alex’s glass containers in Analysis and integrated his carousel changes into Seeding.
  • Cleaned up commander view in some areas.
  • Patched up nav mesh on tech point in Falls.
  • Removed flickering face in Analysis.