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Date: November 20, 2013

Patch 260.png


  • Kharaa balance changes
  • Fixes by SamusDroid and Sewlek
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  • Whips will now unroot when teleported by a Shift (Won’t attach instantly anymore after a use of Echo)
  • Reduced Drifter turn speed
  • Mucous membrane now heals a maximum of 65 (down from 104) per application, depending on target Armor
  • Reduced Heal Wave effectiveness by 15%
  • Reduced whip slap range by 1 meter
  • Reduce drifter armour to 20, from 80 (increased Health to compensate)
  • Storm cloud will now affect drifter turn rate slightly


  • Fixed mouse over sound randomly being played as Gorge
  • Fixed missing goowallnode.model file not found error causing consistency failures
  • Fixed a rare issue where backspace could mess up the server browser when bound to chat
  • Fixed bug causing communication status icons to be offset from a player
  • Fixed bug causing view model to spazz out when stomped/stunned
  • Fixed Exosuit damage effects remaining on screen while spawning
  • Fixed red command structure icons showing when in a Gorge Tunnel with hints on
  • Fixed bug allowing bots to move around while evolving/spawning
  • Fixed console spam under normal conditions when playing with bots
  • Fixed exosuit claw not leaving a decal when hitting world geometry/props
  • Fixed death messages being cut off in the kill feed
  • Fixed a missing hookup preventing female marine sprint sounds from playing
  • Fixed Skulk Xenocide sound continuing to play if the player dies before a successful Xenocide
  • Fixed bug causing a script error when ‘spawn alien’ or ‘create alien’ was typed in console
  • Fixed the leaf clipping through the wall in the main menu
  • Fixed black void on the right of the screen in the main menu
  • Fixed Shift’s not having flinch animations when damaged
  • Fixed file not found errors when loading a map
  • Fixed Lerk’s not having emissive properties
  • Fixed Lerk’s not being highlighted in Alien vision
  • Fixed dropship being highlighted in Alien vision
  • Fixed bug where a mature bombard whip would damage you twice when slapping you


  • Tweaked MAC build construct effect frequency to prevent excessive material loading
  • Added missing communication status icons offset for Onos and Fade, so they are no longer at model origin
  • Increased minimum distance-from-observatory to allow a Marine to be Beaconed (reduces instances of failure to beacon, and beaconing within the same room)
  • When spawning a Clog, it will now spawn the correct model depending on your Gorge variant
  • Adding missing caustics effects to the main menu
  • Added waterfall sound effect to the main menu
  • Reduced excessive tree sway in the main menu
  • Contamination icon will now look like Contamination (win.)


  • Fixed hotloading of textures


  • Fixed a bug causing a failure of the playtesting GUI to refresh on report rejection


  • Generated new pathing mesh
  • Generated new reflection maps


  • Fixed some pathing mesh issues.
  • Fixed structures going under glass platforms in Atmosphere Exchange
  • Cleaned up commander view in Platform, Alley, West Corridor and Bamboo Pass
  • Generated new reflection maps


  • Fixed bugs in pathing mesh
  • Fixed a few flickering textures


  • Fixed some glass to be reflective biodome glass
  • Fixed signs near sub sector to use the correct names
  • Hid all the steam particle effects from the Commander view.