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Date: December 3, 2013

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  • More Kharaa balance changes
  • Less hitching in early game
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  • Fixed Hive steam effect looping instead of being endless
  • Fixed overlapping server tabs on low resolutions
  • Fixed player status overlapping on lower resolutions, and aligned icons with text underneath
  • Fixed WHIPBOMB missing in gamestrings
  • Fixed World Championship badges using wrong path
  • Fixed ARCs not playing/stopping sounds/effects when they should
  • Fixed ladders not working for Ready Room players
  • Fixed Drifters always turning east before completing a move order
  • Fixed axe blocking sprint movement when attempting to use it before it’s fully deployed
  • Fixed out-dated information, and typos in gamestrings files
  • Fixed bug where the chat would not block the show map key from opening the minimap when typing, dead, and spectating
  • Fixed tech map not showing tooltips for Contamination, Bone Wall, and Rupture.
  • Fixed being able to increase shotgun rate of fire when tapping primary attack in the right moment
  • Distress Beacon now guarantees that all players will be teleported when at least one spawn point or IP has been found (No, really this time.)
  • Fixed Armory Health bar offset not adjusting according to model
  • Fixed ARCs not updating their target position
  • Simplified rifle logic, possibly fixing some instances of weapon jams. (More testing required)
  • Fixed grass clipping into a tree in the main menu
  • Fixed health bars clipping inside the model on the Armory, Advanced Armory, Sentry Battery, and players in the Ready Room.


  • Removed Carapace heal penalty
  • Slightly reduced Jetpack fuel replenish rate (It now takes 0.6 seconds longer to fully restore the fuel tank)
  • Fade movement will now ignore air-friction immediately after using the Shadow Step ability
  • Slightly reduced energy used by Bone Shield ability
  • Vortex ability now returns energy cost when consumed
  • Reduced Swipe energy cost by 1
  • Increased Enzyme Cloud and Mucous Membrane cost to 2 (up from 1)
  • Merged enzyme with Storm
  • Enzyme requires now a Shift Hive
  • Drifters turn rate increased slightly


  • Added loading screen background on game startup
  • Added Commander Bindings
  • Spectators can now toggle with F (flashlight) outlining players on their team
  • Added Chuckle and Request Weld console binds, to allow binding to a key. Type “chuckle” or “requestweld” in console to perform the action.
  • Added minimal HUD option.


  • Damage effect decals are now precached (Mitigates hitching during first encounters)
  • Added precaching for a few files causing big hitches when joining a team


  • Never allow step moves onto other players
  • Players now use separate physics models for melee and world collision detection
  • Marines will now spawn closer to their spawning Infantry Portal
  • Score popups are now green for kills to more clearly separate them from assists
  • Made Gorge Tunnels easier to place in areas with suboptimal pathing information
  • Gorge Tunnels may now be placed in areas with slightly greater inclines
  • Changed Prototype Lab minimap icon to use an unused placeholder icon (was using the Extractor icon)
  • Destroying a sentry battery now uses a different sound than destroying a Power Node
  • Lowered waterfall sound effect volume in the menu
  • Added Team res to Alien HUD
  • Made server browser more usable for lower resolution users, especially in 4:3 resolutions
  • Improved Boneshield ability hit detection
  • Default consistency config now ignores shaders/DarkVision.hlsl (allows easier modding of Alien Vision)


  • Added teleport_destination and teleport_trigger entities
  • Added console command “selecthallucinations” for debugging and testing purposes


  • Fixed some pathing problems in Containment causing inability to drop Infantry Portals in appropriate places
  • Fixed several other pathing issues around the map
  • Changed collision geometry on several staircases to make them more easily navigable
  • Removed some props from Commander view