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Date: May 01, 2014

Kodiak DLC.png


  • Kodiak Update
  • Armor customization
  • And much more
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  • Fixed massive lag caused when using webadmin on a server (Thanks bawNg!)
  • Fixed force even teams causing script errors, server crashes, and ghost player models
  • Force even teams is now pre-game only and has a new console command sv_forceeventeams
  • Fixed Insight Spectator System not supporting spaces in team names. Use team1 and team2 commands individually not the teams command
  • Fixed Alien structures not pulsing red when taking damage from being uncysted (Thanks Mendasp!)
  • Fixed Hallucinations all being normal variant model
  • Fixed shoulder patches and visors not fading with a dead Marine
  • Fixed failing to connect to a server first try with extra precaching on
  • Fixed unbuilt Command Stations showing “locked” screen
  • Fixed % in server name breaking the scoreboard
  • Fixed entering in blank values in option menu numerical input causing script errors
  • Fixed Skulk growl sound always playing when holding the walk key (Thanks Mendasp!)
  • Fixed getting stomped by Onos with welder causing running animation
  • Fixed Fade and Onos view models being outlined
  • Fixed missing first person view model for Female Nerve Gas Grenades
  • Fixed Marines that get killed by Stomp play the “stand up” animation before turning into a ragdoll
  • Fixed flinch animation on Sentry Batteries not looping
  • Fixed outdated Docking and Tram loading screens
  • Fixed evolve last upgrade key working with console open*
  • Changed default Marine skin option name from “Green” to “Normal” for consistency with other options


  • Added new map Kodiak, by Loki
  • Added Kodiak Update DLC
  • Added Kodiak camouflage marines, skulks, and exosuit
  • Added Kodiak shoulder pad
  • Added an in-game player customization menu (open menu while in game to see)
  • Added player names to minimap. Added GUI option, and console command minimapnames to toggle the names (Thanks remi.D!)
  • Added Biodome concept art to loading screens
  • Added mod download percentage to loading screen (Thanks Dragon!)
  • Parasited Marine name tags appear yellow (Thanks Mendasp!)
  • Added console command filmsmoothing will now adjust the mouse movement scalar while in film mode
  • Improved chat wrapping method to work better over more resolutions
  • Added port field to create listen server page
  • Lowered minimum mouse sensitivity to 0.01
  • Unbuilt structures flash dark red when attacked (Thanks remi.D!)


  • Added support for UTF-8 in font rendering
  • Removed OpenGL support for Windows
  • Implemented texture atlasing for Rifle and Exosuit textures Click Here for more information on this change
  • Fixed Builder not copying over .entry files
  • Added support for non-clingable geometry to stop Skulks/Lerks/Mines/Clogs clinging to invisible geometry. Use surface = “nocling” in material file (Thanks matso!)
  • Added support for toggling highlight of models in Alien Vision through code
  • Added support for animated models using AnimatedModel.lua


Veil – thanks Mendasp!

  • Fixed Commander building exploits in Sub Sector and The Dome
  • Fixed exploit that allowed Lerks to get out of the map
  • Fixed invisible wall in C12 pillar


  • Removed Agri Labs vent from Commander view
  • Fixed stuck spot in Condensors vent


  • Fixed mismatching glass in Landing Pad
  • Fixed Gorge Bile exploit spots in Landing Pad (Once and for all)
  • Added nocling geometry in Courtyard and Landing Pad
  • Fixed hole in Departures
  • Fixed pathing in Pressure Control
  • Fixed pipes around Stability Monitoring


  • Fixed invalid triangles causing pathing issues

Summit – thanks Mendasp!

  • Added nocling geometry in Crevice