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Date: September 4, 2014

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  • Force Even Team now use the new Hive Skill rating
  • Minor bug fixes
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  • Fixed issues of the texture manager which caused the client to crash while loading textures which use rgba compression or include mipmaps
  • Fixed that using non precached cinematics crash the client
  • Fixed Quick Join
  • Fixed long load times with some HDDs caused by overloading the io queue with too many worker threads
  • Fixed Alien Lifeform Counters in the Alien Buy Menu
  • Fixed that Jetpacks did not show up correctly at the scoreboard
  • Fixed triggers and models having incorrect settings in the editor_setup causing things like e.g. ladders not to work at maps
  • Fixed that client mods which fail the consistency check were not disabled.
  • Fixed some other issues with cinematics (causing things like client crashes when someone used umbra)
  • Fixed that echoed structures were not attacked by arcs.
  • Added draw calls back to r_stats
  • Fade Blink sound volume was corrected
  • Fixed Overview.exe crash
  • Fixed some issues with the linux client


  • “ForceEvenTeams” vote now uses the skill ratings from hive to balance teams. It avoids moving players that have already chosen a team and first tries to balance the teams using the players in the readyroom. If it must swap players that have already chosen a team, it uses the minimum number of them so most people will stay on the same team.
  • New commands for controlling loading behavior:
  • res_workers n (n = number of used loading worker threads, default 1 )
  • res_prelock on/off
  • res_preload on/off
  • res_verbose 1-3 ( turns on verbose logging at loading )
  • Commander Hints are now fully translatable
  • Polish translation is now 100% done (thanks to Carnage and Acedude)


  • Fixed Editor volumes missing the size parameter.