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Date: January 22, 2015

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  • Added ability to click on a player’s row in the scoreboard to check their Steam/Hive profiles
  • Added option to mute Text chat
  • Added icon to the scoreboard indicating if someone is your friend on Steam
  • Made it so the scoreboard shortens the player name if it overlaps
  • Muting a player’s voice/text chat will last 6 hours so it’s persistent across map changes
  • Rookies will always show the “(rookie)” tag in chat even if they’re not in your own team
  • Spectators are now sorted above ReadyRoom players
  • Dropping structures as a Marine Commander will display the location name and status of the Power Node for the structure
  • Missing files will now show up in the log instead of being silently ignored
  • Added a new variant of Alien Vision based on Huzes’ AV – Thanks Huze!
  • Added no_ip material which disallows placement of Infantry Portals on this surface
  • Added a separate bind for movement override for commander
  • Added consistency checking for hmp files


  • Stop sounds from playing on destroyed entities
  • Stop Insert from running destructors on uninitialized memory
  • Linux should now support non-ascii
  • Fixed being able to tell who’s the enemy Commander by their chat color
  • Fixed that commanders bots did not work or got kicked by the AFK kick
  • Fixed that the Alien Buy-Menu messed up with some translations (e.g. Russian)
  • Fixed embryos not having a taunt in the ready room
  • Fixed Babblers being invisible when cloaked by a shade
  • Fixed menu being unresponsive if mousing over webview while a window was loading
  • Fixed sending blank chat messages causing messages to overlap
  • Fixed being able to place an IP in eclipse where you shouldn’t be able to


  • PROTOTYPE – Added Utils\WorkshopBackup, a simple server to allow servers ops to add backup download for mods. See ns2\utils\workshopbackup\readme.txt for details.
  • Added support for servers to point clients to a list of backup servers and clients to download from backup instead of Steam
  • Backup servers also solves the problem of the server running an old version of a mod
  • Fixed bug that required all http request to finish inside 15 seconds
  • Made clients more stubborn when it comes to requesting downloading mods (10 retries)
  • Improved progress reporting


  • Relevance calculation offloaded from main server thread, freeing up about 5-15% main thread CPU. It is now recommended to run the server on at least 2 cores.
  • Servers running close to the edge will now show up as Loaded in the performance browser


  • Decreased max GL player damage to 132 from 165.
  • Increased FT player damage from 15 to 16, and increased structure damage from 15 to 18
  • Reduced Flamethrower cost to 15 pres


  • The progress indication on mod download is broken – it stays zero until download complete. Late build blocker forced a revert, should be fixed in 274


  • Removed holiday themed ready rooms


  • Fixed stuck spot in hangar bay vent for fades


  • Fixed FPS problem in access alpha


  • Removed random pipe prop in locker room