Natural Selection Wiki

Date: October 30, 2015

Patch 277.png

Blog Post


  • Fixed bug that caused the game to iterate over the level lights every frame.


  • Reduced size of GUIHoverMenu.
  • Added throwable candy.


  • Added seasonal maps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed chat text wrapping breaking up words sometimes instead of inserting line breaks between words.
  • Fixed scoreboard spacing between team columns being wrong on some resolutions.
  • Added in the missing no_evolve texture for use in maps.



  • Added 8 new texture alignment buttons
    • Scale X -> Y – Sets the texture’s vertical scale to the horizontal scale
    • Scale Y -> X – Sets the texture’s horizontal scale to the vertical scale
    • Fit Horizontal – Like “fit” but only affects X axis
    • Fit Vertical – Like “fit” but only affects Y axis
    • Rotate 90 Degrees – Nobody knows what this mysterious button does.
    • Rotate -90 Degrees – Nor this one…
    • Angle From Longest Edge – Aligns the texture’s horizontal axis with the face’s longest edge.
    • Angle From Shortest Edge – Aligns the texture’s horizontal axis with the face’s shortest edge.
  • Fixed a texture-lock bug, which would result in textures becoming misaligned even after very small movements.
  • Fixed the texture rendering bugs in the editor
  • Fixed the “marine” reference model in the editor to not be crouched
  • Fixed ready_room_spawn entities not spawning you in the direction the entity faces
  • Added arrows to the tech point and rt models in the editor to show what direction they face
  • Added a range circle in the editor to show the range of egg spawn on hives
  • Added a button to view the autobackup directory in the editor and r
  • Removed unused check for update button


  • Fixed overview not using files from mod folders

Known Issues


  • Any time a face is re-triangulated, there’s a chance the texture will become mis-aligned again, same as before.