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Date: Dec 23, 2015

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  • Many but not all hitreg issues fixed:
    • Client and server agrees on where jumping targets actually are
    • Crouching shooters shoot from the same position on server and client
    • Server runs the moves with the same precision as the client
    • Client now bases animation only on state available to the server as well
    • The server (and the predict engine) now only uses the network state available to the client when it processed the move, instead of using all available state
  • hitreg and hitreg_always tools (console commands) added. Require cheats/tests and allows a client to compare data collected about shooter and target. See Hitreg.lua for details.
  • Default per-player bandwidth limit increased to 50,000 bytes/sec
  • Lingering player models gone
  • “Play Now”- Button
    • Do you want to play a round Natural Selection 2? But don’t want to spend up to 5 minutes inside the server browser? Try out the new Play New button which uses a brand new server ranking (by moultano) to get you onto the best available server in just a few seconds!