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Date: February 11, 2016

Tundra DLC.png


  • Tundra Marine skins added
  • All previous DLC items now use Steam inventory system.
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  • Added a bar on the main menu to show your progress to the next hive level
  • Added all new Tundra items (Armor, Exosuit, Shotgun, Rifle, and Shoulder Patch)
  • Changed all previous customization variants to be items instead of DLC (except Black Armor)
  • Added ability to open the Tundra Bundle from within the customize menu
  • Added simple event recording system, so we can track things like tutorial completion rates and if new players are viewing the tip videos


  • Fixed case where rifle could have the wrong texture
  • Fixed not being able to see skins of other players while spectating in first person
  • Commander dropped equipment will be of the commander’s selected variant
  • Fixed animation issue with Rifles which may have caused issues with its animation graph (might fix gun jams, please report!)
  • Tweaked numbers again to try to fix redplug issues when a client alt+tabs (introduced in build 283)
  • Increased snapshot history on servers to 3 seconds instead of 2
  • Changed time until throttling of alt+tabbed clients to 2.8 seconds instead of 1 second
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the consistency checker causing consistency checks to sometimes fail



  • Added some new vents from Garage to Alley and Offices to help give aliens more flank routes
  • Added some objects to block sight lines in Alley, to prevent window sniping
  • Added some objects to block sight lines in Turbines
  • Added new vent from Botany to Plaza/Bridge