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Date: February 26, 2016

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  • 48 new Steam achievements to collect
  • 5 new-player-specific achievements & a shoulder pad reward for their completion
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  • Added 48 new Achievements for you to collect
  • Added 5 tasks specially for new players and a new shoulder patch as reward for completing them (shown on the main menu)
  • Tip videos will no longer play while connected to a dedicated server, so new players can focus on the game. They are still accessible from the Training menu
  • Changed Trello button on main menu to link to our NS2 Discord chatroom instead (come say Hi!)
  • Use an achievement to track if the tutorial was completed instead of a config option.
  • Tutorial improvements are now for everyone (no more A/B comparison)
  • Added more granular analytics to the Tutorial, to find out where people are getting stuck
  • Welder now draws faster and begins building immediately (like the build tool).


  • Fixed issue with repairing destroyed power nodes where it would not bring out your build tool or welder
  • Fixed Linux clients getting a black screen on startup due to awesomium being less than awesome
  • Restored the old behavior of the rookie only server browser filter: It shows rookie only servers when ticked otherwise not.
  • The annotate command has been fixed (Thanks Salads!)


  • Added a Server.IsDedicated() script function to distinguish between local hosted (listen servers) and remote hosted (dedicated servers) from lua script
  • Fixed crash in Editor that could occur with the Trim Tool.



  • Fixed structures being un-powered in Terminal if placed in the upper-left corner of the room.


  • Fixed CommanderInvisible faces, cinematics, and props throughout the map
  • Fixed some odd faces clipping through areas where they shouldn’t
  • Fixed several holes in south-western portion of the map
  • Fixed some excluded OcclusionGeometry faces
  • Made vents more visible (and connected) on the map overlay by adding several missing props and faces to CommanderInvisibleVents
  • Fixed an issue causing Seasonal (and secret room) props to be visible on map overlay
  • Added addition line of sight block in the form of derelict_vines_2b in Turbines for balance
  • Decreased size of central tree in Turbines for sanity and balance
  • Pipe props moved in Alley for blocking line of sight for balance