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Date: March 3, 2016

Patch 289.png


  • Several QoL fixes to various maps
  • Revamped scoring system
  • Added ability for UWE to apply hotfixes to the main menu without requiring a full patch
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  • Added the ability for UWE to apply hotfixes to the main menu without releasing a full steam patch
  • Added the ability to spotlight mods in the main menu
  • Removed excessive padding from the rookie-nag popup and removed the “Remind Me Later” option
  • Discord button will now drop people in #general, to get them talking
  • Swapped Gorge and Skulk positions in the evolve menu so new players are less likely to think the Gorge is “better”
  • Added quick-link to Community Market in Customize screen
  • Revamped the scoring numbers:
    • Each entity gives now about half of its resource costs as points
    • Primary game objectives like Command-, Resource Structure and Power Nodes give a bonus of 10 points
    • Secondary game objectives like Gorge Tunnels, Observatories, Phase Gates, Infantry Portal and Alien Upgrade Structures give a bonus of 5 points.
    • Player give a bonus of half the points they have collected in their current life.


  • Play Now window now only reports having found servers that it will actually try to join
  • Sped up initial welder animation after purchasing at an armory
  • Welder will no longer play its initial animation if you picked it up off the ground
  • Fixed initial welder animation playing multiple times if you switched weapons before it finished
  • Reaper Gorge now works with the correct item (it was unlocking with the Reaper Skulk before)


Awesome QoL changes, brought to you by Zavaro (send him thank you cookies)!


  • Retooled CollisionGeometry in Courtyard to better accurately portray props


  • Corrected minimap names from appearing in less than ideal locations
  • Changed collidable wires in Topographical to non-collidable for consistency
  • Fixed an issue with Skylights location bleeding into Command
  • Removed tiny duplicated orphaned Cargo forcefield face
  • Added new shader-based proximity material to Cargo forcefield, making it more forcefield-y. Shiny


  • Added new shader-based proximity material to Shuttle Bay forcefield, making it more forcefield-y. Also shiny
  • Added prop lights to better differentiate room from external area beyond forcefield


  • Fixed missing faces in Ore Processing allowing players to see through the floor


  • Fixed a few missing faces in Turbines from previous build (Whoops!)