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Date: April 12, 2016

Patch 294.png


  • Changed medpacks from instant 50hp heal to instant 25hp heal and 25hp heal over time (HoT) over 1 second
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  • Kick reasons are now communicated to the client via the popup in the main menu
  • The “NS2” gamemode tag is now selected by default at the server browser instead of the “All” tab
  • Bots now directly join their team instead of waiting the Ready Room
  • Medpack:
    • Decreased direct heal from 50 health points to 25
    • Added a regeneration effect healing 25 health points per second:
      • Each medpack adds 1 sec regeneration
      • Multiple medpacks stack the regeneration time wise until the maximum health is reached
      • The health value regeneration will reach is shown green health bar
    • Lowered the pickup cool down from 0.56 seconds to 0.45


  • Fixed that sometimes a commander bot joined a team in rookie only even though the team already has a human commander.


  • Server can now indicate a kick reason when calling Server.DisconnectClient