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Date: April 29, 2016

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  • Two brand new Tutorials
  • New Alien Hive UI
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  • Replaced the old tutorial with two brand new tutorials.
    • One for each team
    • Each takes place at a different map
    • Designed to be interactive and less linear
    • New script/story
    • New UI
    • New animations
    • Two sets of Voiceovers (A/B test)
    • Include two new secret achievements
  • New Hive Status UI added which displays the following details:
    • Type of each Hive
    • Health point of the each Hives
    • Location of each Hive
    • Number of eggs located at each Hive
    • Displays which Hive is occupied by the commander
    • Only shows Locations that contain a TechPoint
    • Shows if Eggs and Hive are taking damage
    • Can be toggled via the HUD detail setting
  • Moved Team Resources UI screen position for Aliens to accommodate new Hive UI
  • Moved Personal Upgrades UI screen position to accommodate new Hive UI
  • Removed Biomass UI fade in/out animation. It now instantly shows and disappears
  • Steam Personas will no longer be changed by the game without player intent
  • Added contextual on-click events to new player checklist in the Main Menu
  • Normal achievements can’t be received at a listen server any longer


  • Fixed black-screen on load issue for Windows 7 and some Linux clients could encounter when running a listen server, which was caused by incorrectly sized UDP packets.
  • Fixed net_log debugging command not being applied to Listen Servers.
  • Fixed script error that occured when killing a Command Station


Map fixes from Loki and Zavaro. Thanks guys!




  • Fixed OcclusionGeometry in Atmospheric which was mistakenly added as CommanderInvisible


  • Fixed stuck spot in Turbine


  • Fixed layers to contain appropriate geometry, assets, and lights
  • Fixed leftover geo from previous builds including extra faces and vertices
  • Fixed pathing mesh in Courtyard


  • Fixed CollisionGeometry in Generator Monitors vent to prevent people from accidentally falling through


  • Marine Start holo table is now flush with the floor
  • Fixed some holes in the Biodomes


  • Fixed pathing mesh in Chasm to stop AI from getting stuck