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Date: May 16, 2016

Patch 299


  • New Alien Abilities
  • HMG for Marines
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  • Alien abilities have been shuffled around, and two new abilities have been added!
    • Crag Hive – Crush
      • Increases armor damage to structures up to 15%, when you have 3 shells
      • Increases armor-fraction used on players up to 15% (amount of armor that is used when calculating damage) on players by 15%. Does not affect early game balance
    • Shade Hive – Vampirism (replaces Phantom)
      • Provides cloaking and heals your health every time you damage players with a direct attack (excludes Spores / Bilebomb / Stomp / etc )
        • Lifeform specific values for life leech (at 3 veils):
          • Skulk: 14hp for bite
          • Gorge: 15hp for spit
          • Lerk: 2hp for spikes, 10hp for bite
          • Fade: 20hp for swipe
          • Onos: 40hp for gore
    • Shift Hive – Silence
      • This was moved from the Shade Hive to Shift, and split out from Phantom
      • Makes all movement and attacks silent
  • Biomass scaling has been increased for Lerk and Onos to help their survivability in late game
    • Lerk has been increased from 2 to 3hp per biomass
    • Onos has been increased from 25 to 30hp per biomass
  • Onos Bone Shield has been revamped, and now refills armor!
    • Costs 40 energy to trigger, can only be held for at most 4 seconds, and a 10 second cooldown has been added
    • Regenerates 100 armor / second while in use
    • Will now block 66% of damage from the front instead of 75%
    • No longer saps energy while in use
  • Cysts no longer die when disconnected from hive
    • Cysts instead rapidly lose maturity when the chain is disconnected, making them easier to destroy. When reconnected, maturity is regained rapidly.
    • Nutrient mist can be used to prevent the maturity loss.
  • Contamination Tweaks
    • Increased cooldown to 6 seconds (was 5)
    • Bile now sprays every 2 seconds, up to 3 times, and can be stopped by destroying the pustule
  • HMG has been added, to help deal with those pesky lifeforms
    • Note: Sounds and art assets for HMG are temporary.
  • Jetpacks now use more fuel based on a weapon’s weight
    • Shotgun and Flamethrower now use 7.6% more fuel
    • Grenade Launchers use 15% more fuel
    • HMGs uses 130% more fuel
  • Mine changes
    • eHP changed to 40 (from 100)
    • Cost reduced from 15 to 8
    • You now get 2 mines instead of 3
  • Medpacks can snap to players from a slightly larger radius, snapping already existed but previously was not shown to the commander
  • Alien vision has been replaced with “Huze’s Minimal”
  • Alien vision will default to On every time you spawn in
  • Crosshairs have been updated with new art
    • If you prefer the old ones, you can still use them by activating the mod[1]
  • Power nodes can now be rebuilt at the same speed with a build tool as with a welder
  • Wrench damage icons now show how hurt teammates are, and have an outline if you have a welder
  • Dropped weapons expiration bar will now be colored based on how much time is left before it is destroyed
  • Range circle indicators have been added for many alien commander abilities, as well as a secondary circle to Shifts to indicate the radius of the energy regeneration passive effect
  • Mines and Welders will be highlighted and show as pickupable even if you already have one
  • Dropped weapons will be picked up automatically, if you have an empty slot
  • Server browser:
    • Added the ping filter
    • The server details window now has a short delay so users can doubleclick at the server entries wherever they like.
    • The server count display is not clickable anymore and has a tooltip
    • Favorites and History are now a toggle, clicking again at them while show your previous game selection
  • Reduced amount Enzyme particle effects obscure view
  • Death screen blood splatter effects will disappear immediately when you start respawning


  • Fixed issue Issue with ragdolls never deleting
  • Players will no longer have nutrient mist effects applied to them unless they are an embryo
  • Server browser Join button should work better
  • Reduce network cost of the concede cinematics slightly
  • Fixed an issue where welders would build faster with E than with LMB
  • Fixed that medpacks got weirdly offset when hovered over marines. It will now show where the medpack will actually spawn


  1. Old Crosshair Mod - (Retrieved 10/03/22).
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