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Date: May 27, 2016

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  • New in-game changelog
  • Skull 'N' Crossfire Rifle skin
  • New 'Focus' ability for Aliens
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  • Main Menu:
    • Added a new changelog pop up:
      • Will show up after the client has been updated
      • Shows latest changelog
      • Allows you to give feedback on the changes
    • Tweaked the right side of the main menu slightly
    • Replaced the reload, favorite and history icons in the Server Browser to look better.
  • Marines:
    • Rifle
    • HMG
      • Thanks for all your feedback on the HMG!
      • Added new sounds
      • Fixed the model textures
      • Renamed it to Machine Gun (MG) because it’s not really a HMG
      • Deals 6 damage to structures, 12 to players
      • Spread is 4.5 degrees
      • Weights twice as much as the rifle
      • Magazine size is 100
      • Has maximum 5 magazines
      • Reload takes about 4.2 seconds
    • Mines
      • Increased cost to 10 pres (was 8)
      • Lowered armor to 5 (was 10)
    • Flamethrower
      • Decreased cost to 10 pres
    • Power nodes will no longer show enemies on the map unless it is under attack
  • Aliens:
    • Shade Hive – Added Focus
      • Deals 50% more damage to primary attacks
      • Increases the delay between attacks by 50% (slows rate of attacks)
    • Crag Hive – Crush
      • Increased extra damage to player to 7% for each shell (21% with 3 shells)
    • Heal/Regeneration:
      • If an alien gets healed by 20% of its total health in 2 seconds every further heal is reduced to 20%
    • Hallucination Cloud:
      • Spawns now 2 skulk hallucinations if no players were targeted.
    • Revised nutrient mist cinematic to be less obscuring (Thanks IronHorse!)
    • Cysts now have a unique nutrient mist cinematic (Thanks IronHorse!)
    • Revised mucous membrane cinematic to be less obscuring (Thanks IronHorse!)
    • Rupture parasite time reduced to 10 seconds ( was 44 seconds )
    • Gorge Build Menu:
      • Swapped position of Webs and Babbler Egg. Webs are now in slot 3
    • Babblers now cling to their owner when they hatch from their egg
    • Other:
      • Increased the damage number animation speed
      • Increased the health bars animation speed
      • Disabled the consistency check for local servers
      • Removed heavy damage effects
      • The local player gets highlighted in the scoreboard


  • Fixed that the reserved slot count could be negative ending up with server having more slots in the server browser than they really have
  • Fixed that the marine weapon icons were not displayed correctly in spectator view
  • Fixed that the health bars were wrongly colored in spectator
  • The give cheat command will no longer cause script errors with invalid command arguments
  • Fixed that the Onos stomp sound repeated itself in spectator view
  • Fixed that the Alien Commander did not re-cyst to ressource points correctly
  • Fixed that in case a server reported a negative amount of reserved slots the server browser displayed more slots than available.
  • Fixed that the Alien Vision wasn’t working on Linux (thanks rkfg)


  • Swedish translations are at 88%, just a little more love!


  • Added Shared.GetAnimationLength() callback. Accepts model name (with filepath) and animation name. Returns length of time for an animation (as a float).
  • Added Client.GetClientUpdated which returns true if the client got updated before the last client start, otherwise it returns false.



  • Improved FPS inside Nursery (specifically when entering from flooded biosphere) and Turbines.
  • Several duplicated lights have been removed in Turbines.
  • Added additional occlusion geometry around Heat Xfer and Geothermal.