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Date: June 10, 2016

Patch 302.png


  • New pre-game warmup mode
  • Tweaks to Spores
  • Improvements to commander bot AI
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  • New Pre-Game mode added: Warm-Up
    • Active until 12 or more players joined the teams or each team has a commander
    • All abilities, weapons and upgrades are available for free while Warm-Up mode is active (except for commanders)
    • Bots will work in Warm-Up Mode
  • Marines
    • Flamethrower
      • Increased base damage to 9 (was 8)
      • Increased on-fire damage bonus to 2x when directly damaging structures (was 0.5x)
      • Increased damage range to 9.5 (was 9)
    • Marine maximum Sprint speed reduced by 0.25, now 6 (was 6.25 max)
  • Aliens
    • Lerk Spores
      • Energy cost increased to 27 (was 15)
      • Increased range to 17 (was 12)
      • Increased Spore-Cloud radius to 4 (was 2.5)
      • Changed rate of fire to match attack animation, results in slower rate of fire for Spores.
      • Updated cinematic effects for Spores (Thanks Ironhorse!)
      • Marines see the same Spore effects as Aliens now, which obscure less.
      • Added world sound when Spores impact something
  • Bots
    • Alien Bot Commander now researches Metabolize and Advanced Metabolize
    • Improved the movement routine of Fades, Lerks and Oni. They will now use Blink and Metabolize, their wings or Sprint.
    • More bots will now save up for Onus and Fades.
    • Bots are more afraid of human players and will retreat faster with higher lifeforms.
  • Updated several Commander tooltips
  • Updated the fastload shader achieve to make sure loading time stays short even with the recent updates


  • Fixed Lerk Spores and Umbra having inconsistent trajectories compared to where a player is aiming.
  • Fixed Umbra cinematic cut-off due to length mismatch (Thanks Ironhorse!)
  • Fixed GetRandomPointsWithinRadius server log spam
  • Fixed Scoreboard not displaying number of connecting players when number of bots was at or above 12
  • Fixed that Cysts did not update their cyst chain parent correctly sometimes leading to various script errors. (Thanks Brute)



  • Fixed holes in ready room enabling players to escape into oblivion (Thanks Zavaro!)


  • Beautified Atrium, Flight Control, and Glass Hallway with actual glass and reflection probes instead of greasy-glass prop (Thanks Zavaro!)


  • Fixed occlusion issue in main tramway facing Platform (Thanks Zavaro!)


  • Updated occlusion-geo in Biome (Thanks Loki!)
  • Reduced some lights and cinematics in Biome

==== ns2_caged ==== (Thanks Flaterectomy!) Added Low-Lights support

  • Fixed z-fighting DAT-1 vent
  • Fixed greybox between Ventilation and Airshaft on ground
  • Fixed holes at top of Airshaft
  • Fixed holes under catwalk Airvent (part of the catwalk geo)
  • Made the catwalk in Airshaft be supported
  • Fixed players getting under the Airshaft stairs leading into Ventilation
  • Fixed players getting behind diagonal ceiling pipe in Ventilation
  • Fixed stuck spot on the pipes in the corner opposite the northwest exit of Ventilation
  • Fixed players jumping behind crate near vent entrance under catwalk in Ventilation
  • Fixed players getting under stairs near RT in Ventilation
  • Fixed greybox textures behind the fans in Vent (at TP and Shipping exit)
  • Fixed z-fighting on pipes prop in Access -> Shipping vent
  • Fixed occlusion issues in Vent -> Life Support vent
  • Fixed small hole ceiling above TP in Ventilation
  • Fixed small hole middle of ceiling just under the 45 degree angle near TP on other side of airshaft
  • Deleted old red mockup geo that stuck through floor of elevator platform under diagonal Airshaft pipes in Vent
  • Fixed floating pipe west of TP on south wall in Ventilation
  • Fixed holes next to wall props in Vent -> Shipping vent
  • Added missing light prop east of Central
  • Fixed greybox bottom of pillar on higher floor near Marine entrance in Ready Room



  • New “Disable Hidden Lights” option in the Viewport menu allows mappers to completely hide the effects of lights that are in hidden layers. Useful for when making low-lights.