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Date: September 16, 2016

Patch 308.png


  • New version of LuaJIT
  • Removed old/unusable model source assets reducing install size of NS2 by roughly 1.3Gb
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  • Upgraded LuaJIT to Version 2.1
    • More code is jittable now (runs slightly faster on average)
    • String operations have been improved which helps with our GUI code
    • Switched to JIT specialized table functions
  • Crash dump always saved before showing report dialogue and command line switch to enable a full dump if requested
  • Add icon which will flash on screen when a client encounters a script error


  • Fixed Trace object field access unintentionally always failing to JIT.
  • Fixed script error when Alien Commander failed to place a Cyst
  • Fixed script error when Alien Commander failed to place a Drifter
  • Fixed script error when a ViewModel’s parent entity has been destroyed
  • Fixed that rifles sometimes cause a script error because its cinematics have already been destroyed
  • Fixed script error caused by entering hive after activating xenocide
  • Fixed script error caused by code not expecting there to be nil entries in an entity list



  • Added ErrorCallback Lua event that is fired every time there is an Lua error. The error message is passed as the first argument of the event
  • Added `display_errors` console command which will trigger a popup if there is a script error so you don’t need to dig through logs to find the first one. You can also activate this by using the `-debug` launch option.
  • Removed out of date and unusable model source assets from NS2 install. This reduces the install footprint by roughly 1.3Gb. The files can still be accessed on the “build_307” Steam branch.