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Outdated.png This is an old build of NS2

It may not represent the current game.

Date: August 17, 2021

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  • Wiped existing Matched Play penalties for all players
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the Ready Room due to multiple causes.
  • Removed the Norway server for the time being from the list of Matched Play regions due to performance issues (We’ll be closely watching performance for servers and can make other adjustments if need be)
  • Enabled the West Germany server region for Matched Play
  • Fixed an issue where a full lobby of players would have a server that would not spin up
  • Fixed multiple script errors that could disrupt a Lobby from proceeding
  • Shortened the “waiting for connecting players” Ready Room timer down to 60 seconds
  • Reduced the default Concede vote time down to 90 seconds to deal with unforeseen scenarios during the Beta period.
  • Changed the Penalized state to begin once waiting for commanders
  • Matched play rounds will be in “Warm up mode” if either assigned commander is late to join or fails to join, until the round is started with two commanders.
  • Fixed missing backgrounds for Concede and Eject UI buttons in voice comm menu
  • Fixed issues arising from assigning late joining commanders to the role where someone was already commanding
  • Fixed an exploit with ambient sound volume
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed for short range wallhacks
  • Added a “Beta” tag to the Matched Play button
  • Minor optimizations to the Matched Play system
  • Fixed that Grenade Launcher projectiles did not impact on Babblers
  • Fixed a small issue with damage over time triggers and status effect icons
  • Fixed issue that caused players to remain in lobby after server shutdown
  • Added automatic Matched Play server error reporting