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Phase Gate
Phase gate deploy
"Our base is under attack! Phase through!"
TSA Frontiersmen
Team Resources
Marines res 15
Abilities and Upgrades
Teleport Marine, Recycle
Tech Requirements:
Observatory, Phase Tech
Build Time: 12 seconds
Builds From: Marine Commander
Buy From: Advanced Tab


The Phase Gate is the Frontiersmen teleportation structure created by Marine Commander. Marines or MACs are required to assemble the unbuilt structure and Power Node nearby.

When powered, the teleportation system becomes active once two or more Phase Gates are built and powered at anywhere on the map. Marines can move through the portal to instantly travel to another Phase Gate. However, robotic units such as the MAC, ARC, and Exosuit cannot phase through.

Marines will be teleported in a sequence of Phase Gates constructed, from the oldest to newest. The Commander can recycle Phase Gates or reverse the direction of travel as needed.

Tactical Summary - Phase Gate

  • Phase Gates are a key component towards gaining map control.
  • Phase Gates allow Frontiersmen to quickly traverse the map and defend sudden rushes by Kharaa
  • Robotic technology such as MACs and ARCs cannot be phased through a gate.
  • Phase Gates, an Armory and an Observatory are good compositions for a forward base in-between Tech Point rooms or known Hives
  • When a Phase Gate is being attacked a good strategy is to drop Med packs at the entrance so your marines won't sustain too much damage when exiting.
  • Phase Gates are typically the first target in a rush, if a phase is being attacked and your whole team is away from your main base expect to be hit with a base rush.
  • Aliens will attempt to force a Beacon in order to push a well-defended Phase Gate or advantageous forward position, try keeping 1-2 marines back to prevent this issue or build Turrets.

Phase Tech

Phase Tech
Phase buildmenu
Enables the purchase of Phase Gates.
TRes Icon team resource neutral 10
Research Time 45 seconds


Teleport Marine

Teleport Marine
Instantly teleports a Marine to the next active Phase Gate. Each player has a small delay before phasing again.
Delay 2 seconds
Targets Marine
Requires Power, 2 or more Phase Gates

Reverse Phase Gate

Reverse Phase Gate
Toggles Phase Gate teleport direction.
Cooldown 5 seconds
Targets Phase Gate


Recycle buildmenu
Recycles the structure over time and refunds resources based on initial cost and current Health. Recycle can be canceled by Marine Commander or by destroying the structure.
TSA Frontiersmen
TRes Icon team resource neutral 0.75 x initial cost x %HP left
Duration 6 seconds

Additional Tips

  • The Phase Gate is vital for bringing reinforcements to a contested area.
  • Kharaa lifeforms will often target Phase Gates in Marine-held territory as the first priority. Without the Phase Gate, reinforcements cannot return to the area quickly.
  • The optimal number of Phase Gates is usually said to be three. Fewer and you lose the entire map as soon as one goes down; more and it takes Marines too long to cycle through all back to base.
  • If you advance a Phase Gate, do not recycle the old one before the new one is operational.
  • Phase Gate positioning as a Marine Commander:
    • try to place the Phase Gate where it can be covered from all entrances of a room.
    • try not to place Phase Gates against a wall; when the Aliens surround a Phase Gate any Marines phasing through will be trapped (against a wall and the lifeforms). This is referred to as a "meat grinder". Any phasing Marine is likely to be killed instantly.
    • When placing Phase Gates, position it where Gorges must become exposed to use Bile Bomb.
      • For this reason, around a corner is not advised because Bile Bomb explodes on impact, causing splash damage to nearby Frontiersmen units and structures.
      • For the same reason, placing a Phase Gate near a high ventilation shaft is also ill-advised.