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The most common species encountered. They are capable of blurring speed and leaps of near limitless height. The Skulk is a light, wiry creature around the size of a very large dog. Lacking any projectile attacks, it specializes in melee. It moves on all fours – each leg terminates in a long, sharp, bladed bone. It can attack with these, and its powerful jaws. If it cannot be stopped before reaching its target, its target is in serious trouble.


The Skulk cannot attack most targets directly, at least not without evolving new abilities. It tends to remain at the edges of marine activity, looking for opportunities or ambushes. It only keeps a low profile so it can get close to its target - then mayhem ensues. Commanders were constantly reporting something "skulking" at the edges of sensor range, or through the shadows, and the name stuck.


"I don't know if I blinked, or there's some vent we missed, but suddenly a Skulk was sitting on the counter of the executive lunch room – like we had caught it scrounging for a late-night snack in the kitchen, but the six of us looked tastier. It dodged our lmg's up the wall, bullets splintering black chrome and ugly artwork, zipped to the ceiling then dropped straight onto Zachary. They went down in a tumble of claws teeth and plush chairs, his gun still firing, moldy food packs and Styrofoam cups scattering everywhere. We kept firing, bullets sparking off the tables and metal chair legs, knowing FriendlyFire would stop us from hitting Zach. A large bloody piece of nano-armor popped lazily up into the air, and Zachary's gun went silent. We took our fingers off the triggers, popped new clips in, and started circling for a good angle to hit the monster, when there was this faint hissing sound and suddenly an explosion, bits of bone and Skulk whizzing by my ears, and a whole table flipped sideways and racing towards me – a black shiny circle getting bigger and bigger then 'wham!', and I'm out. Good news was the same table blocked most of the shrapnel. But the rest of the squad … medical nanites wouldn't have the faintest idea what to do with that mess."