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Cosmetic Variants:


Normal Welder

Kodiak welder.png

Kodiak Welder

Tundra welder.png

Tundra Welder

Forge welder.png

Forge Welder

Sandstorm welder.png

Sandstorm Welder

Repairs Marine structures and Armor.
or (
only for building)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 3 to drop
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 2 to buy
Damage 6 per Flame
Repairing Varies
Type Flame
Fire Rate 0.2 seconds
Weight 0
Requires Armory


The Welder is an important Marine tool used to build and repair Marine structures and repair Marine Armor. The Welder has a weight of 0.0 (like Switch-Axe, Pistol, Mines, and Grenades) and therefore does not slow down movement speed for Marines.

Tactical Summary - Welder vs. Build Tool

  • A Welder is the most important survival tool because 1 armor point usually absorbs 2 damage points!
  • A Welder does not build faster or slower than the Build Tool
  • A Welder builds more silent than a Build Tool
  • Building with a Build Tool reduces your movement speed by 50%, building with a Welder does not


Welder gives 2 points per 600 armor welded

Welding gives 5 armor per second back to the welder

The welder has a range of 2.4 units

Welder welds at:

  • 20 armor per second for players and exos
  • 90 hp per second for buildings
  • 150 hp per second for sentries (not the battery)
  • 220 hp per second for power nodes (same rate as builder)
  • 30 hp per second for anything else (which there isn't anything else as far as I can tell)

The welder deals 30 DPS of flame damage (2x for flammable and an additional 2.5x for buildings)

Build Tool

Build Tool
Cosmetic Variants:

Build tool.png

Normal Build Tool

Kodiak build tool.png

Kodiak Build Tool

Tundra build tool.png

Tundra Build Tool

Forge build tool.png

Forge Build Tool

Sandstorm build tool.png

Sandstorm Build Tool

Tool to build structures.
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 0
Requires None

Marines are by default equipped with the Build Tool that is basically a Welder without the front attachment. The Build Tool inherits its skin from the Welder

  • It can only be used to build structures or repair fully destroyed Power Node.
  • It does create more noise and makes it harder to hear nearby aliens.

Building in the Presence of Infestation

If a Blueprint is on infestation when you start building it, the speed with which you build is reduced by 25%, so the time to build increases by 33%. Furthermore, if you build with a Build Tool, the Building will be stripped of Armor once completed, whereas with a Welder, it will be at full health, as is demonstrated in this video:


There are currently 5 variations of the Welder skin available for use by TSF Marines.

Info.png Info:  • Not all variants are available for purchase.

          • Skins are purely cosmetic and offer no augmented or additional stats in-game.

Camouflage variants & availability
Variant Description Acquisition Notes
Normal Default Armor. Provided with game. Comes with the base game.
Forge Black and red with orange highlights. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Forge Pack DLC as part of the NS2 5 year anniversary update (Build 319), and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).
Kodiak Green jungle camouflage. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Kodiak update, and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).
Sandstorm Black and gold with red highlights Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Catalyst update (Build 324).
Tundra White and blue design. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Tundra update (Build 285), and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).